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New pesticide registrations for tomato, pepper, eggplant

Several new Canadian pesticide registrations have come through for solanaceous crops in recent months.  They are summarized in the table below:

Productactive ingredient Crop Pests on label Notes
Acrobat 50WPdimethomorph Fruiting vegetables Late blight, Phytophthora capsici Must be applied in a tank mix with another late blight fungicide.Group 40 fungicide.
Fontelispenthiopyrad Fruiting vegetables Gray moldSuppression of early blight Group 7 fungicide.
Regalia Maxxextract of Reynoutria sachalinensis Tomato Suppression of bacterial blight (Xanthomonas campestris), suppression of gray mold Induces plant resistance. Biofungicide.
RhapsodyBacillus subtilis Fruiting vegetables including transplants Suppression of bacterial spot and speck, suppression of gray mold Biofungicide.
Scalapyrimethanil Field tomato Early blight, gray mold Apply only in tank mixture with Bravo 500.Group 9 fungicide.
Sumagicuniconazole Greenhouse tomato seedlings for transplant to the field Growth regulator First time users of Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator should treat a limited number of plants at the lowest recommended rate.
Tivanocitric acid + lactic acid Field tomatoes Suppression of bacterial canker Biofungicide.

Always read and follow label directions.  For copies of these labels, see the PMRA label search site or manufacturer’s website.

OMAFRA’s Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (Publication 838), introduced in February 2012, is the source of pest control information for commercial field vegetable production in Ontario. Easy-to-read tables provide information on pest control products for managing insects, diseases, and other pests of Ontario vegetable crops.  Watch ONvegetables for updates on pesticide registrations.  Updates will also be summarized in a supplement to be published in the fall/winter 2012.  Up-to-date publication and supplement information can be found at

Stay up-to-date on minor use registration issues in Ontario by visiting OMAFRA’s minor use web pages.

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