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Actigard – Another Option for Tomato Disease Management

Learn more. See updated management strategy for Ontario field tomatoes (March 26, 2015)

Actigard 50 WG (acibenzolar-S-methyl) was registered in Ontario in early 2011 for control and suppression of diseases on tomato through induction of host plant resistance.  Through an oversight, it was not included in OMAFRA’s 2012-2013 Vegetable Crop Protection Guide (Publication 838).  Information on the product is provided here.

Bacterial Spot, Bacterial Speck in Tomato

Group Name (Group #) Common Name Trade Name Rate per Hectare(Rate per Acre) PHI1 Notes
benzo-thiadiazole(group P) acibenzolar-S-methyl Actigard 50WG  25 g/ha(10 g/ac) 14 Begin applications within one week of transplanting. Make up to 8 weekly sequential applications. Do not apply on less than 7-day interval. Actigard 50WG should be applied to healthy, actively growing plants. Do not apply Actigard 50WG to plants that are stressed due to drought, excessive moisture, cold weather, or herbicide injury. 12-hr re-entry interval.

1 PHI = Pre-Harvest Interval (days)

For more information on Actigard and bacterial disease management in tomatoes, see New (and Old) Options for Management of Bacterial Spot and Speck in Field Tomatoes (April 2011).

Watch ONvegetables for other updates on vegetable pesticides.  These updates will be consolidated into a supplement to Publication 838, which will be available in the fall/winter of 2012.

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